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1) Will the mechanical properties of cold rolled or hot rolled material change after the electrogalvanized coating process?

NO; because the electrogalvanized coating process is in room temperature unlike the other zinc coating methods hence the mechanical properties of the coated base metal (like tensile strength, breaking load, hardness, yield strength, %elongation) are not affected.

2) What is the difference between a slitted strap and heat treated Steel strap?

First of all the packaging Steel strap is a work safety material and we can list the following differences:

a) Packaging Steel straps are produced from special grade flat Steel and heat treatment. Hence very high tensile strengths and relatively high elongations can be obtained. The production is according to EN 13246 standards. As the mechanical properties of the slitted coil are on the lower side, it has very high risc of rupture which is not suitable for work safety procedures.

b) Packaging Steel strap has rounded edges eliminates hand cuts that enables higher work safety conditions. The slitted coil edges are not trimmed and cause injuries of the packaging operators and end users.

c) The rounded edges of the packaging Steel straps eliminates continuous malfunction of the packaging tools and heads of the automatic machines. The slitted coils burrs frequently cause malfunction of the packaging machines.

d) The packaging Steel straps are produced in three different surface types. (blued, +waxed, black painted and waxed and zinc painted and waxed). This coating properties enables high corrosion resistance.

e) The packaging Steel straps enable safe transportation of the cargo and eliminates damages of the goods.

3) Is there a kind of Steel straps that has high tensile strength for extra heavy cargo?

YES. Ares Plus and Ares Plus Flex grades of Bekap are the sole high tensile and high elongation steel straps that are produced in Turkiye for extra high weight cargo and applications need high strength to increase the work safety. Eliminates the rupture and maintain work safety for especially the packaging of high tensile extra heavy HR coils; packaging of long steel products and tubes for very long distances.

4) Is BEKAP only dealing whit Electrogalvanized steel?

NO. BEKAP is also dealing the sales of CR, HR P&O, PPGI, HDG Steel and is able to process them in its Steel Service Center as mother coil, slitted coil and cut to length packages.

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